Thursday, September 16, 2010

Why we don't need to look at the fossil record to establish that the theory of evolution is probably true

1. Human fingernails are obviously vestigial claws that have no function.

2. Why is the eye so flawed, and why does it have a gaping blind spot where the optic nerve is?

3. What use is the appendix in modern humans?

4. Why do we get goosebumps if we no longer have thick enough hair to be intimidating in the same way that chimps are to their peers?

5. Why do we have a tail bone?

6. Why do dolphins, whales, and other cetaceans have hand and finger bones in their fins?

7. Why do bats have similar bones in their wings?

8. Why do male mammals have nipples?

9. Why are bird genomes much more similar to dinosaur genomes than reptile genomes are to dinosaur genomes?

10. For "half an eye" arguments: Is there ever a point at which a developing fetus has "half a head" inside the womb? After all, the head is too complex to have come from just a sperm and egg cell! Feathers may have initially evolved for the purpose of regulating temperature; organs and body parts do not have to maintain a singular function throughout their tenures, so rudimentary precursors to the eye needn't have been an "eye" in the sense that we think of them today.

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