Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ideas as components of systems

If we look at our systems of thought as actual systems, we quickly realize that ideas are actually parts, or components, of them. Do you think that the CPU inside of your computer or the current version of your Internet browser are final products? Of course not, so why should the way that you view the world be so disgustingly out of date and static while the technology that you use continues to be improved upon? For most of humanity, how information is processed is lagging far behind how QUICKLY this occurs.

Thought systems, ideally, should be:

1. Open

2. Dynamic

3. Practical. This entails implementing an ideal or concept by first testing its usefulness in the everyday world, then deciding whether there are any other ideals or concepts of higher degrees of utility. If not, we "prototype" the ideals, but we never "believe" in them, or act as though they can never change. We also, because the system is dynamic, remember to upgrade the ideals whenever we can.

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