Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We finally show up on the scene to clean up the mess but decide to turn a blind eye

When the non-religious among us proclaim their love for life, it really rubs me the wrong way, because they seem to think that the rest of the planet works the way that their Western, New Agey, free spirit, nudist, nature-loving society does. Meanwhile, for almost a billion years, now, organisms have been popping into existence against their consent, and have had no means of justifying their existences, or even thinking about whether life makes sense as an intelligent concept. Until you've been a dinosaur with worms, or a hyena on the verge of starvation, you really don't have the right to say that life is some praiseworthy idea -- especially considering that forces far dumber than ourselves were responsible for its inception.

Want to know the meaning of life? It's simple, really: want, want, want, chase, chase, chase, take, take, take, run away, run away, run away, multiply, multiply, multiply. Maybe a given organism is chasing its love for honey, or maybe it's about to eat your newborn baby. Nature couldn't care less, because it's much dumber than we are.

The binary system of attraction and repulsion that all non-human organisms use is quite scary, really. No animal has ever decided to live in the name of perseverance, or proving some point that it's 'successful' and 'life-loving.' That's all manmade, ego-driven nonsense. Animals don't have a choice, and they haven't for a solid billion years.

Ever have a relative slowly die of stomach cancer over the course of six months while crying and screaming in agony? Yeah, that's been happening for a billion years for no reason -- to beings that don't even have the capacity to wonder whether life is "worth it." 

What are humans trying to prove by having children and continuing to perpetuate life? "I'll show everyone how great at living I am by beating cancer! Yeah, I'll show nature that I'm good enough to eat and make copies of myself. Life can't beat me. Torture me all you want for screwing up in my mindless pursuit of desirable things; I'll win and prove that it's worth it!"


  1. What a great imitation! Here, let me do you:

    "I refuse to mind my own goddamn business, because I have no business of my own to mind, anymore than a smallpox virus does"

    Wasn't that great?

  2. I don't believe in the concept of minding one's own business, so no, it wasn't. Privacy is a cultural contrivance. Perhaps people should mind their business when they're out controlling pest populations, though, eh? It really isn't any of their business which rats want to fuck which rats! Sheesh!