Friday, September 10, 2010

Societal systems

There are bound to be more in the future, but for now, a shorthand layout:


Note: Notice the lack of a belief system

Meme system (for ideation; selection for implementation and practice) -> information system (for retention of an updated knowledge base)
Value system
Education system
Economic system
Governmental system
Technological infrastructure
Social system


Meme system - The pool, mill, etc. from which we synthesize, create, and select ideas for use in our values system

Information system - The continually updated repository in which we store all data and information of any kind, regardless of its value or selection potential

Value system - What we care about, what our goals are, why we exist at all

Education system - How our values are instilled into their future agents; teaching agents not just what to think (subject to change moreso than the other outcomes and of least importance, especially given data redundancy and storage) but how to think (meta-cognition) and why to think

Economic system - How raw materials and processed materials are exchanged between agents to the end of upholding our values

Governmental system - How to deal with aberrations and logically inferior competitors (with our ideas, for brain-space) through meme selection and agent evaluation

Technological infrastructure - How we manipulate the physical world to the end of upholding our values after acquiring resources and enforcing our ideas through a state

Social system - How we spend our time as we live our lives to their various ends after society has formed and as it is maintained

Current implementation plans:

Meme system - See previous posts on this topic 

Value system - All systems remain open, no attachment or commitment, no assumptions, practical approach to processing data/information, social system should eschew individualism and competition, pain/pleasure depression/joy fear/desire make up our core value equations, logical processors are the basis for meme selection and ideation, reproduction is cumbersome and aconsensual and incurs massive risk, use risk analysis and relational analysis to better understand what logically takes precedence in our reality, continue existing not to perpetuate our instinctual desires (which are unable to ever be truly fulfilled) but to act as guardian of the universe in an effort to end all suffering, no morality or freedom but rather higher quality outcomes after processing value-centric problems through our algorithms

Education system - Youth centers where children are confined away from all society until they demonstrate a near-full awareness of the core values of the society, perhaps through training modules and, eventually, virtual simulations of real-world problems

Economic system - Resource-based economy eschewing notions of trade, ownership, property, and inheritance

Governmental system - Meritocratic idearchy*; rule by logically selected ideas rather than by individuals or groups

Technological infrastructure - Subject to change with time (as is everything else, but this is particularly transient), but very little waste and highly efficient, designed both with functionality and aesthetic "value" in mind (not real value according to core values but important to moods and atmospheres), transparent buildings with no locks, less doors and compartments per building, especially in tropical climates

Social system - Open society with no traditions or customs, everyone is a friend because everyone has the same values and general goals, no individualism. note that we'd still employ merit-based interaction, and that people wouldn't be able to do whatever they wanted (even though they probably wouldn't want to behave that way, anyway, given their conditioning), as some functional aspects of society would require certifications.

* A society run by ideas rather than by individuals; contra to stateless societal implementations, like anarchy, but also to individual-centric governments, like fascism, totalitarianism, and democracy.

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  1. Which system would stop people from writing shitty pseudophilosophical blogs?