Friday, September 17, 2010

Copyright is a stupid concept

It is physically impossible for any particular manifestation or configuration of genes, genetic expressions, memes, memetic expressions, biological drives, instincts, desires, or general cognitive processes and faculties to own an idea. As there is no such thing as a quantifiable, finite self ('we' are all merely copies of hundreds of 'Frankenstein' components, each a collection of possibly an infinite number of interconnected objects), and we live in a deterministic universe, there is nothing particularly special about any discovery made by any one of us. Recognition, furthermore, is a symptom of a problem called individualism, which breeds social and economic disparities and jealousy, just to name two ills.

Therefore, anyone who finds my blog entries to be worth disseminating has my permission to copy and paste them to whomever they please. Don't bother giving credit; ideas are neither owned nor created by individuals, and even if they were, that says nothing of the quality of any one individual. Ideas are what matter -- not ego drama.

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  1. It's a good thing your blog entries aren't worth disseminating, then.