Thursday, September 16, 2010

The problem of sentient life in a nutshell

1. Objects of desire are chased indefinitely but are never truly obtained. This chase does not accomplish anything of any importance, and instead is only kept up in order for organisms to produce copies of themselves. Furthermore, the intermittent and temporary state of satisfaction merely fills a hole and brings the sum back to zero; it never actually generates a real positive.

2. Should deprivations remain untreated long enough, suffering will result. Likewise, suffering from other environmental factors is inevitable as well. Why are we punished for not obtaining the objects of our desires, given 1.?

3. The ephemeral glimpses of satisfaction that we're all offered in life are of mere physical objects or other mundane phenomena -- never the idea of the object of desire. The idea of such objects cannot be obtained; only the objects themselves can be, and they're always pale imitations of the ideas that our psychologies actually crave.

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  1. 4.This blog was created by a(nominally) sentient organism.