Friday, September 17, 2010

Belief is incomprehensible to humans

Claiming that you know that something is true because you have evidence in your favor is a form of begging the question that relies on your five senses and rational processes; I'd refer to it as "appeal to empiricism," if I were to give this fallacy an official name. We have finite scopes of the world; until we have infinite scopes, we can never say that we know something to be true. I can't even say that I know the preceding statement to be true, but how do I know that this statement about that statement is true? This process terminates in an infinite regress, which causes a "runtime error" in the human brain.

Instead of believing in things, let us, both to do away with arrogance and to remain scientifically minded, act as though we believe in things in order to test their practical value in the environment. That seems sensible, doesn't it?

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