Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thoughts over feelings

I've made a short list of common examples of the interplay between human psychology and human intelligence, emphasizing what kind of pitfalls many people are prone to entering and how to avoid them. If you agree with most or all of these examples, then it's likely that you understand that feelings, emotions, and desires are dangerously exclusive and subjective.

1. We dislike the taste of broccoli, but we know that it's good for us.

2. We're attracted to the bad boy, but we know that he's an asshole and not worth our time.

3. We're repulsed by a hideously obese man, but we know that making fun of him to his face would be wrong.

4. We're sexually attracted to a female friend, but we know that our male friend is a more logical and interesting individual, and thus someone worth spending more time with.

5. We prefer meat to vegetables, but we know that keeping animals in cages for months before brutally slaughtering them is vile behavior.

6. We think that wild polar bears are beautiful animals, but we know not to go near them lest they attack us.

7. We've been raised to want to be the best at competitive diving, but we know that it's not worth hitting our head on the cement and ending up paralyzed for life.

8. We love what alcohol does to our brains, but we know that we'll become irresponsible and erratic while under the influence.

9. We're genetically inclined to want to get pregnant, but we know that our child will eventually die -- possibly quite horribly, or at least after having experienced a mediocre or horrible life.

10. The idea of a universe designed by an intelligent creator is much more emotionally appealing to us than the idea of a universe devoid of original purpose, but we know that the evidence weighs against there being a creator.

11. We become very uncomfortable while sitting in the dark alone at night, but we know that it's no more likely that a supernatural entity or unwanted intruder would be near us then than during the daytime.

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  1. 12. We want to write a stupid blog about getting rid of bad memes, but we use our brains to realize that it is a stupid fucking idea that only a complete idiot would follow through on.