Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Signs that someone is probably pretentious or lying about their experiences

Just a few quick thoughts. Nothing too serious this time around.

1. They claim that they're capable of choosing how they feel about things, e.g. saying that they recently decided to "get into" a sexual fetish, as though sex is a lifestyle accessory and not a product of our cultural upbringing and biology.

2. They claim to want to make real change in the world, but always seem to be way too busy for it. Their various social networking accounts continue to be updated in the meantime, of course.

3. Most of the activities that they enjoy in life, or claim to enjoy (or have convinced themselves that they enjoy due to various societal pressures), are not enjoyable in the eyes of eight-year-olds.


  1. You know what eight-year olds don't enjoy? Reading your blog.

  2. In a world without psychotics whose only goal is to cause trouble and make the world a worse place, because hey, their own individual lives suck, so everyone else's should, too, no one would be making a blog like this in the first place.