Saturday, August 25, 2012

I'm sorry

Socially acceptable ideas that are probably good

All religions are full of holes and contradictions; religion as a whole has done more harm for the world than good.

It's stupid to obsess over celebrities.

No one should be famous for being famous.

Autotuned music is killing music as we know it.

The United States needs to mind its business and stop exploiting other countries.

Racism still exists and needs to be flushed out wherever we find it.

Women are still treated unfairly in a multitude of situations.

There is nothing wrong with two homosexuals getting married.

Capitalism, at the very least, needs to be kept in check by the government.

Video games do not cause people to kill, and it's up to parents to teach their children right from wrong. No game should ever be blamed for any violent incident.

Animal cruelty is disgusting regardless of whether the animal is a dog or pig. We need to start treating animals more humanely.

Global warming, regardless of its cause, will probably gradually lead to unpredictable weather, which will be unsettling for many.

NASA is doing good by checking for Earth-sized extrasolar planets. We might not find anything, but it's definitely worth at least a cursory look.

Things about society in general that are probably good

We have access to an incredible wealth of information with the click of a button.

We have abolished slavery.

Fewer people are sexually prudish these days.

Technology has made our lives easy in many important ways.

We have more kinds of art and entertainment than any other society in history.

Libraries, both physical and virtual, are awesome.

How can anyone not like red velvet cake?

Nature is astonishingly beautiful, especially during snowstorms, on a sunny day, or during sunrise.

A lot of everyday people are good-natured, funny, and doing their best to get by.

It's good that we teach the golden rule to children at a young age.

More people are literate now than at any other time in history.

We have antibiotics now, and people are living longer than ever.

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