Saturday, May 14, 2011

Crap, terrible, bad, very bad spam filter alert

Google is the worst entity to have ever been constructed by humans -- or is at least right up there with the Third Reich and the Catholic Church.

Apparently, there is a spam filter on Blogger which you cannot turn off (if I'm wrong, leave a comment). And apparently, it likes to mark things as spam for absolutely no reason. This hardly surprises me; this is the same company who came up with the retarded flagging system that YouTube uses.

Anyway, on this entry of mine, I've restored two comments that were, for some unknown reason, marked as spam. If you are either of the two individuals who left the comments, or if you think that reading their comments might be to your benefit, they are now available.

I am in the process of reading and responding to them at the moment, but I figured that I'd make this post first in order to give everyone a heads up that this problem could continue into the future.

Edit: Looks like the comments finally restored by themselves. I'll leave the originals up, but I manually copied them as well, since it's probably easier to read them sequentially than by digging through the older comments for them. Oh, and apparently, spam filters don't believe in paragraphs.

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  1. Could you put some kind of "recent comments" section in the sidebar (preferably near the top)? I'd like some more efficient and reliable way of detecting recent activity than to compare the number of comments on whichever happen to be the front-page posts to the number of comments I remember those posts having last time I visited. :-)