Sunday, January 2, 2011

Facts about the not-so-average person living in Western society

1. They often move seamlessly from government positions to high-paying corporate ones and back again, with no one asking any questions.

2. Very few of them wind up in their positions as a result of smart business ideas or luck. Most are where they are thanks to connections, cronyism, and inheritance.

3. They don't know what they're doing, even if it may seem as though they're part of some conspiring global hegemony. No one does anything to stop them not because of some brilliant conspiracy, but because the public also benefits from their profiteering, and are too selfish to give up their materialistic lifestyles to even out the global distribution of wealth.

4. Most of what they do is perfectly legal.

5. Their primary tactic is to install corporate strongholds in impoverished countries under the veneer of "helping" them, then force them to either repay the huge debts that they accrue or start exporting their most valuable resources in astronomical amounts. Over time, this parasitic relationship leads to increased levels of violence and poverty within the dependent countries, all to the benefit of contractors, bankers, et al.

6. They've set up the United States such that practically everything of material value that exists there comes from overseas, meaning that the rest of the world has been exploited and crippled to this end.

7. They've killed off all ideologies that have traditionally been associated with the elite (Christianity, for example), and have consequently transitioned from being ideologues to pure profit-seekers.

8. They use the electoral college to provide a layer of abstraction between "the people" and themselves, just in case someone from outside the bipartisan divide gains popularity.

9. Almost none of them is elected by anyone, as most of them are CEOs and their associates. Given that corporations influence politicians to an incredible degree, and control almost all of the world's resources, more of us should be deeply concerned that no one elects businessmen into "office." Furthermore, most of us work for them for the majority of our days -- and thus, lives -- so the choice between one kind of President and another is a facade which distracts from our inability to vote for those who actually influence our lives.

10. They possess no technical knowledge whatsoever, and have consequently never built or designed anything in their lives. Who was the last President to advertise his former success as an architect, engineer, systems designer, programmer, surgeon, or nuclear physicist?

11. They have to lie in order to do their jobs -- to prospective customers in an effort to downplay competitors' advantages, by defending the obviously guilty in courtrooms, etc.

12. They design things to not last. The quicker that something breaks, the quicker that a profit can be turned when a consumer inevitably purchases a replacement. This practice is known as planned obsolescence, and it isn't illegal.

13. They provide us with the illusion of power by giving us a choice between two virtually identical candidates in the realm of Presidential politics -- long after they've chosen the candidates without our involvement. Before the DNC and RNC, where do the prospective Presidential candidates come from? Why is it that we've usually never heard of the choices forced upon us until they're being suggested as candidates at the last minute? Furthermore, what wars, laws, or stimulus packages do we vote for? Why do the elite make those decisions for us?

14. They create money out of thin air based on government bonds, which are themselves created out of thin air. This process is further compounded by fractional reserve banking, which allows banks to create even more money out of thin air based on the reserve requirement. Finally, interest rates are applied such that the amount of money owed by borrowers always exceeds the actual sum total of money extant in the economy, with most of that money (as a result of the fractional reserve banking mentioned above) existing only in digital form.

15. They're going to die. No amount of money, yachts, or mansions can make morphine a stronger anesthetic against bone cancer, and the more terminal illnesses evaded over the years, the more likely that a given person will contract a similarly painful form of cancer in the end.

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